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Equine Embryo Transfer

Established in 1990, Royal Vista's personnel combine more than 40 years of experience in equine reproduction. The focal point of that expertise is in the field of equine embryo transfer.  Close management of their recipient herd, and recipients that are individually screened, ensures that each donor mare will have a suitable recipient ready and waiting for her embryo.  By maintaining strict standards and superior care, this has allowed Royal Vista Equine to back all of their Embryo Transfer procedures with a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE.

Recipient Mares and Foals
Recipient mares and foals at Royal Vista Equine.

~Meet the highest standards of fertility and are pre-
screened before they enter our program.
~Have superior mothering ability.
~Are caught and led on a daily basis.
~Are maintained on a regular vaccination and
deworming program.
~And are fed high quality feed.


Embryo Transfer is used in virtually every breed and discipline and for numerous different reasons. 
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